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Still haven’t used a QR Code?

Still haven’t used a QR Code?

Whether you don’t know what QR codes are or you’re a frequent user of them, be prepared because they’re going to become more popular than Justin Bieber and you’re going to see them everywhere you turn. they’re basically barcodes that can be read by smart phones. This literally can bring your print material to life and allow even a simple business card to interact with your potential client’s phone, which is quickly becoming everyone’s lifeline.

What Every AdWords Advertiser Should Know About Quality Score

Do you need to improve your AdWords Quality Score? Do you want to understand what Google wants from you as an advertiser in exchange for a decent Quality Score and lower click prices? Today I will teach you the ins and outs of the algorithm and show you how you can tweak your account and site to influence each Quality Score factor.

Otel Consulting welcomes Maronda Homes

Otel Consulting would like to give a warm welcome to their new Search Strategy Client Maronda Homes. Maronda Homes is a national home builder that has built over 50,000 homes in communities across Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Providing their customers with a great home at an unbeatable value is one of the many reason why Maronda Homes is a nationally recognized home builder.