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The Next iPhone 4G

Just wanted to post a picture I found of a mock up iPhone 4G with Video Chat. Now wouldn’t that be really cool to have an iPhone like that?!

iPhone Gmail Sync Over-the-Air 2 way

I currently am syncing directly with Exchange intergration but my fiancee wanted something over the air (OTA) 2 way to sync with her gmail account. After some poking around I discovered NuevaSync which basicly acts as a Exchange server that syncs with your gmail account. An account is free and pretty simple to setup. You [...]

Configure Exchange 2003 & Apple iPhone

Let me just start off by saying that anyone with a RIM Blackberry should throw it up against the wall when it comes to exchange account support. I was a long time verizon customer and bought the new blackberry storm to try out and it was absolutely the worst. Returned it 12 days later and [...]