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10 Shopping Search Engines to Sell your Products

Listing your products with shopping-oriented search engines can be a great way to attract new customers. Many shopping search engines are free, but some require a fee and come with varying levels of control and interaction with your products and with customers that buy through the shopping engine.

Still haven’t used a QR Code?

Still haven’t used a QR Code?

Whether you don’t know what QR codes are or you’re a frequent user of them, be prepared because they’re going to become more popular than Justin Bieber and you’re going to see them everywhere you turn. they’re basically barcodes that can be read by smart phones. This literally can bring your print material to life and allow even a simple business card to interact with your potential client’s phone, which is quickly becoming everyone’s lifeline.

Firebug for Internet Explorer

Having IE web development issues? Firebug Live for IE is pretty nifty! Just add this inside your head tag and instant firebug console in IE! <!–[if IE]> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <![endif]–>

Dealing with Gmail Spam

Honestly how much did google get paid to let Viagra spam the heck out of their gmail & gapps accounts? I just recently switched my companies email over to google hosted apps and instantly users started to complain about the excessive amount of Viagra spam and others that were not there prior to switching. Here [...]

Super-Roundcube Project Open

Based on a suggestion of some members of the blog I have decided to post the code for super roundcube on google code.If anyone has any contributions please contact me. Current version is Beta 1 Google Code Project for Super-Roundcube

Mozilla & Internet Explorer Search Plugin's / Opensearch Tutorial

Let’s keep this one real quick and simple. Since I love to shop for the best price and I am lazy I wanted to make a Pricegrabber quick search tool for Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 because there was none to be found. Since it was so easy and I didn’t find any good tutorials [...]