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Ubuntu PHP / Postfix Virtual Hosting Multiple Relay Host via Gmail

Ubuntu PHP / Postfix Virtual Hosting Multiple Relay Host via Gmail

When dealing with virtual hosting with a PHP lamp server the old way of just sending email via Sendmail right from your server can lead to bad things down the road spam-wise resulting in people not getting key emails from your LAMP hosted applications. I knew how I wanted to do it but did not know the technical way to make it happen. All of my domains email is hosted with google apps so I wanted to have each domain send all mail from my server to gmail smtp server (authenticated). However there are 5 domains all with their own username and passwords hosted at gmail. Here is how I accomplished it.

Minify your Javascript & CSS with YUI Compressor

Javascript / CSS minification simply means take a nice formatted Javascript or CSS file and take out all the white spaces comments and line breaks putting it all on one line to reduce file size and load time. Better load time equals happy visitors to your site. This article talks about implementation using the Yahoo [...]

Dealing with Gmail Spam

Honestly how much did google get paid to let Viagra spam the heck out of their gmail & gapps accounts? I just recently switched my companies email over to google hosted apps and instantly users started to complain about the excessive amount of Viagra spam and others that were not there prior to switching. Here [...]

ImapSync to Gmail Script

Yes sounds easy but I spent sometime looking for the perfect way to import imap mail for any mail server to imap gmail. This is particularly useful if you are transferring your existing mail accounts to google hosted application. This handles transferring all existing imap folders and even putting your sent mail, spam, drafts, trash [...]

Mozilla & Internet Explorer Search Plugin's / Opensearch Tutorial

Let’s keep this one real quick and simple. Since I love to shop for the best price and I am lazy I wanted to make a Pricegrabber quick search tool for Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 because there was none to be found. Since it was so easy and I didn’t find any good tutorials [...]

iPhone Gmail Sync Over-the-Air 2 way

I currently am syncing directly with Exchange intergration but my fiancee wanted something over the air (OTA) 2 way to sync with her gmail account. After some poking around I discovered NuevaSync which basicly acts as a Exchange server that syncs with your gmail account. An account is free and pretty simple to setup. You [...]

Configure Exchange 2003 & Apple iPhone

Let me just start off by saying that anyone with a RIM Blackberry should throw it up against the wall when it comes to exchange account support. I was a long time verizon customer and bought the new blackberry storm to try out and it was absolutely the worst. Returned it 12 days later and [...]

Experience the Love of Ubuntu 8.04 & FreePBX 2.5

With my recent endeavor into the world of open-source PBX I decided to write up a step-by-step how to on how to setup Ubuntu 8.04 with FreePBX 2.5. All the how-to’s were out dated and when i setup something I like to have all the new stuff. I will cover Zaptel compiling (not configuration), Astrisk [...]