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Magento Mobile Version of Store with Tablet Support

Magento Mobile Version of Store with Tablet Support

Learn how to setup up Magento Theme exceptions to support Mobile Devices and optionally exclude tablet based devices to show the standard html version of the site.

10 Shopping Search Engines to Sell your Products

Listing your products with shopping-oriented search engines can be a great way to attract new customers. Many shopping search engines are free, but some require a fee and come with varying levels of control and interaction with your products and with customers that buy through the shopping engine.

Valor Corporation API Inventory Check with PHP

Working with XML request via PHP can be pretty easy with the CURL functions built into PHP and make complex tasks seamless. We recently had a client that operated a retail site that need to check their distributors inventory levels consitantly through out the day and update their Magento shopping cart software inventory levels. It was a simple solution with some quick PHP implementation.

Magento USPS Click-N-Ship Auto Fill Module

We are currently working on releasing a USPS Click-N-Ship Auto Fill Module for Magento. What this will allow you to do is from the shipment screen open a new window to the USPS Click-n-Ship website and automatically fill in the orders ship to information along with optional order total for insurance amount and total weight [...]

How to Configure TheFind with Magento 1.4.2

Boosting your Magento Sales should be your number one goal with an online store. Taking advantage of free shopping specific search engines like google shopping (aka google base) and TheFine is a must for every e-commerce site owner out there. Below you we will provide you with the steps to get things setup with “TheFind” through magento 1.4.2 and up.