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Valor Corporation API Inventory Check with PHP

Working with XML request via PHP can be pretty easy with the CURL functions built into PHP and make complex tasks seamless. We recently had a client that operated a retail site that need to check their distributors inventory levels consitantly through out the day and update their Magento shopping cart software inventory levels. It was a simple solution with some quick PHP implementation.

Magento USPS Click-N-Ship Auto Fill Module

We are currently working on releasing a USPS Click-N-Ship Auto Fill Module for Magento. What this will allow you to do is from the shipment screen open a new window to the USPS Click-n-Ship website and automatically fill in the orders ship to information along with optional order total for insurance amount and total weight [...]

How to Configure TheFind with Magento 1.4.2

Boosting your Magento Sales should be your number one goal with an online store. Taking advantage of free shopping specific search engines like google shopping (aka google base) and TheFine is a must for every e-commerce site owner out there. Below you we will provide you with the steps to get things setup with “TheFind” through magento 1.4.2 and up.

What Every AdWords Advertiser Should Know About Quality Score

Do you need to improve your AdWords Quality Score? Do you want to understand what Google wants from you as an advertiser in exchange for a decent Quality Score and lower click prices? Today I will teach you the ins and outs of the algorithm and show you how you can tweak your account and site to influence each Quality Score factor.

Minify your Javascript & CSS with YUI Compressor

Javascript / CSS minification simply means take a nice formatted Javascript or CSS file and take out all the white spaces comments and line breaks putting it all on one line to reduce file size and load time. Better load time equals happy visitors to your site. This article talks about implementation using the Yahoo [...]

Firebug for Internet Explorer

Having IE web development issues? Firebug Live for IE is pretty nifty! Just add this inside your head tag and instant firebug console in IE! <!–[if IE]> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <![endif]–>

Dealing with Gmail Spam

Honestly how much did google get paid to let Viagra spam the heck out of their gmail & gapps accounts? I just recently switched my companies email over to google hosted apps and instantly users started to complain about the excessive amount of Viagra spam and others that were not there prior to switching. Here [...]

ImapSync to Gmail Script

Yes sounds easy but I spent sometime looking for the perfect way to import imap mail for any mail server to imap gmail. This is particularly useful if you are transferring your existing mail accounts to google hosted application. This handles transferring all existing imap folders and even putting your sent mail, spam, drafts, trash [...]

The Next iPhone 4G

Just wanted to post a picture I found of a mock up iPhone 4G with Video Chat. Now wouldn’t that be really cool to have an iPhone like that?!

Super-Roundcube Project Open

Based on a suggestion of some members of the blog I have decided to post the code for super roundcube on google code.If anyone has any contributions please contact me. Current version is Beta 1 Google Code Project for Super-Roundcube