Zimbra 6 Drag and Drop – Firefox 7 Compatible Fix

Date: Oct 25 2011

We have developed an in house fix for users running Zimbra 6 with Firefox 7 using the drag and drop extension. If you are uploading files and getting errors or undefended file name and “Critical – Error uploading file” messages then this will take care of your issues.

Resloves the following issues

  • “Critical – Error uploading file” dialog appears and the “Attaching files” line sort of sits there and spins
  • java.io.FileNotFoundException: zimlet description not found: com_zimbra_dnd.xml
  • undefined file description after upload

Tested and works under the following browsers versions: Firefox 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 6x, 7x
Works with Zimbra 6.0.14 and may work with other subsequent versions please report.

Install Instructions

download Drag-and-Drop Attachments 1.0.1 otel consulting update

once downloaded go into Zimbra Administration : Configuration > Zimlet

undeploy the old com_zimbra_dnd

click “deploy” and select the updated version of com_zimbra_dnd you just downloaded and make sure you select “Flush zimlet cache” and click deploy

How to deloy Drag and Drop Zimlet Firefox 7 fix for Zimbra 6.xDrag and Drop Zimlet Firefox 7 Fix in action!

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