Still haven’t used a QR Code?

Date: Jul 12 2011

Whether you don’t know what QR codes are or you’re a frequent user of them, be prepared because they’re going to become more popular than Justin Bieber and you’re going to see them everywhere you turn. they’re basically barcodes that can be read by smart phones. This literally can bring your print material to life and allow even a simple business card to interact with your potential client’s phone, which is quickly becoming everyone’s lifeline.

QR stands for “quick response” and this strange-looking little square is a barcode that holds encoded information, commonly URLs. By downloading a QR reader app, smartphone users can take a picture of the code and have it read and decoded. If you try your app on the above code, you’ll be directed to our company website. The codes can be generated for free on a number of websites. Our favorite is generator with its high resolution downloads and easy to configure this makes things very user / designer friendly!

Becoming inventive with where and how to use them is our specialty. QR Codes have used for Posters, Magazine Ad, A Video about your Company or Service, Coupon, Competition, T-Shirts & Promotional Products. But the possibilities are pretty much endless.

In our next article “coupling QR codes with Google analytic” we will talk about how you can turn a simple print ad into a statistical marketing platform and find out what types of customers are interested in your ad.

Bottom Line is QR codes make the electronic connection with Print media and the End Users smart phone.


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