How to Configure TheFind with Magento 1.4.2

Date: Apr 19 2011

Boosting your Magento Sales should be your number one goal with an online store. Taking advantage of free shopping specific search engines like google shopping (aka google base) and TheFine is a must for every e-commerce site owner out there.  Below you we will provide you with the steps to get things setup with “TheFind” through magento 1.4.2 and up.

First you want to go to TheFind and register as a merchant. Once you’ve setup your account go to your TheFind Merchant Center Dashboard for your store.

On TheFind Merchant Center Go to Product Info > Product Feed Setup.

URL: Your store URL. (ie:
Feed Format: TheFind
File Type: .txt
Notification: Any option will do but for the first setup i would recommend on every import then you can always change it.

After you have completed that step TheFind will make you create your FTP account.
Write down your username & password.

Now for the Magento Part

In the Magento Admin go to System > Configuration > TheFind > Feed

FTP Server:
FTP Path: /
FTP User: Your TheFind FTP username
TheFind Feed Filename: anyname.txt
FTP Password: Your TheFind FTP password
Update TheFind Item when Product is Updated: Yes
Cron Frequency: I set mine to daily.  According to TheFind, at minimum it must be updated every 7 days.
Cron Hour: anyone will do just fine.

Next step will actually be configuring the mapping of Magento Data to TheFind Data.

In the Magento Admin, go to Catalog > TheFind Feed > Manage attributes
You’ll need five attributes, at minimum, to get your product to appear on TheFind.
Click on “Add new” at the top and match the following attributes:

Import Code Eav Code Is imported
Title name Yes
Description description Yes
Price price Yes
Page_Url url_path Yes
Image_Link image Yes

Finally Add your items!

In the Magento Admin, go to Catalog > TheFind Feed > Manage Items

Pick the items you want to add and click publish from the action drop down in the top right corner of the grid.

TheFind says it can take 24-72 hours before your items appear but mine appeared instantly.

How to Test to see if you’re publishing?

You can log into TheFind’s FTP server with your given username and password you used in the step above and see if your txt file is in the root directory.
Then after a couple days search your company name on TheFind and see if your items are there.

If you need help doing this for your Magento Store please contact Otel Consulting

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