Dealing with Gmail Spam

Date: Feb 01 2010

Honestly how much did google get paid to let Viagra spam the heck out of their gmail & gapps accounts? I just recently switched my companies email over to google hosted apps and instantly users started to complain about the excessive amount of Viagra spam and others that were not there prior to switching. Here is the solution around it which I have been testing for a couple days now and it seems to work just fine.

Put this in the “Has the words field”

{(from:( AND is:spam) OR (is:spam AND (VIAGRA OR viagra))}

Obviously replace with your gmail account email. This is because some spammers send stuff to you and the to field is your address.

Nothing else needs to be filed in and click “Next Step” and select the options you want. I would suggest : Skip Inbox, Mark as read, Delete it, Never send it to Spam

This also works with Google Apps Email just change to

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2 Comments to “Dealing with Gmail Spam”

  1. Michael Leggett 12 July 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Hi there. I’m a designer on Gmail and saw a link to this post. Thought I’d clarify a few things.

    – Your search shows items that are marked as Spam by Gmail and put in the Spam folder and will never show up anywhere else. So, users are complaining about the stuff in their Spam folder? I don’t know anyone that uses Gmail and still checks their Spam folder. Are you seeing false positives?

    – Mail in your spam folder is deleted as soon as it is 30 days old. You don’t have to clean out this folder. Same applies to the trash.

    – Filters that search on “is:spam” won’t actually match anything on receipt. Filters are run before mail is classified (so it can do things like “Never send it to spam.”

    – You only want to filter to “Never send it to spam” that aren’t spam. For instance, maybe you sell Vi*gra and you want to see what the competition is advertising. You want to get all the ads for vi*gra and therefore might set up a filter to never send mail that mentions vi*gra to spam, but instead put it in another label.

    • benleto 21 October 2011 at 11:41 am #

      As far fetched as it sounds thank you for your feedback

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